Painting and Repainting, or The Transformation.

"Love Yourself" Chicken is a mixed media piece that is a Re other words, if you look at the 2nd image you will see what the original painting looked like...I painted the fish several years's been kickin' around my studio, never really been shown.....

and so, the other day I decided to change it up a was quick and easy....and I like the result! I often like the 2nd or 3rd or 4th painting that comes through on a panel....I like how the under layers add so much texture....and I am building on what came's all still there...

I learned about doing this by my mentor and friend Sheila Norgate
she does an amazing presentation called "The Blank Canvas" in which she shows you her process in a slide is fascinating...and I have been doing the same for many years now too.

What do you think?

mixed media on panel "Love Yourself says the Chicken" redo
1st painting, "Fish"
 mixed media on panel