Packing Glass, with Gratitude

Wow! my studio has been very active in recent Gabriola Studio Tour. 
I have been packing and shipping several parcels of glass, steel and paintings....parcels going all over,  to places on Vancouver Island,  in Vancouver, the Okanagon, Alberta and all the way to Nova Scotia! 
I am extremely grateful and happy to be doing this, even though I lamented recently on my 
face book studio page about how I kind of dread packing up my art....especially my glass art....seems I'm not alone in my procrastination when it comes to packing.

I love to send my art out into the world though, and I am always happy to have someone waiting to receive I have gotten very good at packing!

Watch for some new glass of mine, including this "Day of the Dead" sculpture in the pix at 

packing glass

little skulls attached to the big skull are getting wrapped,