Out of the Studio (and back in)

I have had more time out of my studio this summer then ever before.....wow! it's amazing.....and everything is OK.....everything didn't fall apart just because I wasn't "working" every day.
It's a revelation for me.....it's partly about relaxing into my creative process and my creative biz life....about having faith that I have built a good foundation for myself and trusting it.....ahhhh.
Even so, as many of you know, I LOVE my studio....so I am happy and thrilled to be back in it....creating work that is heading out to the world in many different ways....with glass and paintings both....commissions and also my regular gallery work. 
Below are a few pix of drawings and doodles from my recent time away....I love to draw (in a haphazard, wonky way) and colour when I am away from my studio....it is easy, relaxing and portable...and it helps me sort out thoughts and ideas....and to play with colour (or not) and shape.
And now I am back, ready for the last of summer and early fall...with the Gabriola Studio Tour at Thanksgiving being the next big show.
sketchbook ideas

pink sunset on the sea

drawings with no colour