Our Wild Soul Spirit

here are couple of paintings that have undergone a few transformations along the way (like me!).....the only thing that stayed the same, more or less, was the horse image in each of them....everything else has layers and layers and layers.....i'm pretty good with them both at this time, although i like the top one best, the yellow one, the wild horses....they really feel like spirited beings to me.... the pink "breathe" horse may still change, but "wild soul spirit" is going to stay....i think....ha ha...such is the process

 i like having the option of revisiting the work and revising it....it is not so easy to do this with glass, although i do....i make bracelets and wind chimes out of broken bowls and things....it works pretty well, lots of detail that way....

and, of course, the usual messages to myself...stay in touch with the wildness, and b r e a t h e.....ahhhh