Only 1 More Day

only 1 more day till my solo show opens at Gabriola Artworks....i am very is quite cool to finally compile all the work in one place, outside of my studio.....ya know, a space that is dedicated to showing art....and kathy at artworks is stellar at putting on a great is always lots of fun...always a surprise to me to see the work in display...
pineapple bowl

 i leave kathy with boxes and sculptures and lots of work and arrive the next night to see it all transformed into a wonderful showcase of glass and painting.....

small 6 x 6 inch dishes

 the show will be up for much of august, so even if you can't make it to the opening you can check it out another time!!!!!!!!! these are just a few of the many many pieces of original art available....hope to see you there!

Mixed media painting