Old Timey Prairie Style (East Coulee School Museum)

While away on a recent road trip to the Alberta prairies I went to a super cool, super old timey museum...it is the East Coulee School Museum....and it is a very nice collection and display of small town school life from times past.
I love the look of vintage paintings and graphic work, especially with animals included....such as the ones below...I find these quite inspiring, especially for my mixed media paintings. 
I do like chalkboards too...the rules for the kids seem pretty smart actually, the Rules of Good Health.
The rules for female teachers not so much...yikes!!!! so repressive......
I am grateful to live with a far greater degree of gender equality now, even though I don't believe we are as far along as some people might think....while we have "Come a long way baby" we still have a ways to go....
what do you think of the rules for female teachers?