Of Buffalo and Salmon (or, what's the connection?)

I want to share a little with you all....to help you to understand my work a little better, to see the connections that may not be obvious at first (or even second) glance to you.

I love wildlife, I love the wilderness, I love nature and I do not feel separate from Mama Gaia....it helps that I live in a forest, near the sea and I choose to live very simply without a lot of mod-cons...

 My studio is in the forest, so out of every window I see and hear the trees...the movement of the natural world is very close....in just a few steps from my cutting table, or the painting space I can be standing on the sacred earth with no barriers....ahhhhh......this is essential for my well being.

This image show a mixed media painting...it is 12"x48"...... and the fused glass salmon is 33" long. 

How are they connected? why fish and buffalo? what inspires these things in me? well, first off, in this example you can clearly see how the colours are drawn from the same well....my love of colour flows back and forth between glass and paint. 

As for the imagery itself? As you may know if you live anywhere in North America, the buffalo.... or to be more accurate, the bison, once reigned supreme across our continent...they easily numbered in the millions....and their population was decimated due to us humans.
The salmon as well, once were much more prolific then they currently are....and even though there are still wild salmon, they actually are at great risk of being decimated.....and the most important thing is that we can STILL PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING! 

One local coastal woman, Alexandra Morton has dedicated her life to helping our marine allies survive and thrive. I fully support her efforts to raise awareness about these critical issues that affect all marine life and let's face it, all the same issues will directly affect human life. 

Soooo......these things are all connected for me....between buffalo and fish it is a small step for my artistic inspirations.

My salmon are most definitely WILD!