My New WILD Horses

as you may know.....i've been loving painting horses for a while now....and a couple of months ago i bought this totally awesome horse pin (see below) from my friend Kate Wood   she is a great artist, she paints, makes silver jewelry, and is a sculptor of ceramics...she's been creating her ceramic art down at the highly creative Feedlot, yah, i picked up this great horse pin, i wear it on my green vest or my jean jacket all the time!! i love it very much...i think she really picked up on some cool horse feeling in it and it pleases i love purple and green together...and i also like how the black is in there too.....i have black in everything i create....if there is no black, or dark dark gray it feels too light weight for you can see, the pin has influenced night i just picked up the paintbrush and out emerged my very own Wild Horse!!! and i love her too (sure, maybe you think i'm overusing the word love, but really, it's true!!)...she also pleases me greatly, she feels like she has some life in her...and she is big...24" by 24" you can see i like to give my animals some larger than life human type eyes....the "Peace Chicken" at the bottom is the same.....
My Wild Pony   24"x24"
Broach by Kate Wood

Peace Chicken 12" x 12"

and one more thing...i am giving an artist talk tomorrow night, Feb. 4th at 7 at the Ladysmith Art Gallery          ...follow the link for details if you wanna come!! i'd love to see you!