My First Time (blogging I mean)

I love skulls!!!! especially buffalo skulls...although i would never wish the animal dead...hopefully this water buffalo died a happy, peaceful death after working it's life in a beautiful, lush, rice paddy in bali!! which is where i took this picture....they are really beautiful animals, and hardworking beasts of burden...i saw this sculpture many times before i remembered to have a camera with me....i used a sketchbook a lot this time while traveling, and forgot about the camera sometimes (although we have hundreds of pix)....i guess sketchbook might be overstating it a was more of a mixed media anything goes kinda that i will share with you as i do more blogs! this is the 1st time i have done a blog entry....and i am a luddite for sure, so this is a big step....luckily i had my lovely friend pam here today to give me the lowdown on this new scene....she was super helpful and FUN besides..she also has a's called the "one armed woman" can find hers in my profile page cause i don't know how to link you to her yet.....just like i don't know how to add colour behind this text....people that know me, they know that i would have been attempting to get some colour, yah, i love skulls, and you will certainly be seeing many here if you come back again!! glass skulls, mixed media skulls, 100 year buffalo skulls, el dia del muerte type skulls...ya know, the pretty ones with daisies for eyes?? ok, well, i will try and publish this 1st post....wish me luck!!!! stay tuned...there is sooo much more to come, for sure!