Mason Jars and Still Life: The Process of Creating

I want to share a little about the process of some of my mixed media paintings....these 3 pieces started with glueing bits and pieces of collected paper onto the wood supports.

I had been having a strong desire to just sit and glue paper for a long while....and finally I allowed myself the time to do so....this was about 3 months ago.....

the process of collage

at the end of that little session, my need to cut and paste quenched for a bit,  I left these 3 pieces alone until just last week....

not really sure what would become of them...I liked them the way they looked, very full, cluttery even....however they were unresolved...I knew there was more that wanted to be done...

after paint and colour added, mixed media collage

I have never had a strong desire to create a still life painting....however, a couple of things happened that made me look at this in a new way....I received 2 flower bouquets that I really LOVED, and the look of them really inspired me to play with creating flowers and my own version and voice of course....and so, these pieces fairly quickly took shape once I very roughly drew the 1st mason jar.....btw, I also love mason jars....most especially the pale turquoise ones....of course they are glass too, so that's another big point in their favour!!

3 paintings finished, mixed media collage

these pieces are all 12" x 12" mixed media on panel....they will be showing at my next show, which is the Gabriola Studio Tour, on Thanksgiving Weekend....less than 2 weeks from now!