Juicy Pineapples inspired by Wild Borneo

i have had pineapples in my glass before...hanging pineapples and garden pineapples....that was a few year ago and i have been re-inspired to create pineapples again..well, after all, they are juicy and colourful, and i think they are kinda fun, like bananas (more later on the bananas).....with little pokey bits and exuberant green tops.....the big pineapple inspiration this year was in my travels to see friends in borneo!!!! no kidding, really.... far flung borneo....stu and rose have a groovy little farm, down by the river...and they are growing pineapples right there in the backyard!!! although backyard makes it sound so contained.... really it is miles of wilderness all around.....it is fenced though to keep out the water buffalo!!!! i love it....and ya know i love the water buffalo too! we even helped to plant some new little pineapples....and, on the 1st morning in our little cabin out in the wilds we had a fresh pineapple delivered right to our door (thanks stu)....how coooool is that???????? yes, you're right, it is totally cool...and super juicy!!! yummy...
sketchbook from travels

Artworks show
pineapple sculpture with steel frame

mini garden pineapples

detail of top

more garden stakes