India, Horns and Colour!!!!!!!

wow!!! i have finally finished this commission!!!! it took me a loooong time to bring it all together.....only because i was often pulled away from beginning the piece by other studio and life activities....luckily, the people who commissioned it are very patient.....i will be shipping this to australia!!!!! the customers have appreciated my work for awhile, and have actually lived in India for a few years and liked my interpretation of Incredible India.....with all of it's colour, vibrancy and super stimulating street and temple life!!!!! of course there is more PINK in india, with pink saris and paintings of the gods and goddesses...however pink glass is not an easy thing to come by.....

India panel "Horn Please"

in India the trucks are all painted in glorious colour and design and the customers wanted me to design something that would remind them of this.....i liked the idea of the curvy frame and the exuberant flowers  springing out the top.... that is how i remember India, bursting with life and activity....unless you are in meditation in the ashram....also the trucks always have signs painted on them saying "HORN PLEASE" of course you hear lots of horns ALL the is quite chaotic sounding....

detail centre panel

gold detail on henna hands

another perspective

gold detailed elephant

gold detail, woman working