I LOVE a Fresh Start! (a year of "undoing")

I had the good fortune to spend another New Year's eve on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island. I like being on the "edge" at that time of year.

There is a clarity and freshness that arrives in from the sea, rushing ashore with each wave.

I always take a few art supplies along with me when I travel. This time I took some Sharpie markers and my mixed media journal....with felt pens the colours are always quite bright and solid. Similar I guess to my glass art, but not the way I like to play with paint...which is more smudgy and messy.

I have more to share, in my next post, and the coming year I will be sharing with you a bit about my ongoing "undoing".

As in, my intention is to move away from always "doing". The desire to slow down and undo has been coming on for quite a while and it has reached another level again.

Stay tuned!

West coast beach