Hello 2016, I love you!

I am excited about all the possibilities that come with a new beginning, a new year!

It always feels fresh and alive when I am beginning something new. So a new year is something to celebrate!

I don't make resolutions...I find that feels restrictive and kind of punishing....especially at a time when I am finally learning to treat myself, my world, my relationships with more gentleness and kindness.

I have intentions instead.

To start my intentions this year I will share one thing: (more to follow, stay tuned)

  1.  Leave more room for unplanned space in my schedule.  My experience has been that quite possibly magic arrives in the spaces in between......I want to leave room for mystery and play.

"If we are always chasing after hobbies how will we  have time for bliss?"

Paramahansa Yogananda

Sea of Possibility Pony, watercolour and ink.



Gumboots and saltwater



At the beach....feeling free.

Sending LOVE to you.....Happy New Year.