Glass Fun with Gabriola Teens!

Gabriola Arts Council has a program that involves artists mentoring local teenagers. I was honoured to be asked if I would be interested in teaching a glass fusing workshop for the local Gabriola Island teens. And I said YES!

I do not choose to teach glass workshops very often.  When I do it is for children or teens. I've taught the Brave Girls Camp kids a few times. They are aged 11 to 13. I also have had a high school art class come to my studio for a workshop.

This time around I taught Gabriola Island teens about glass, and glass fusing. Although, using the word taught is a bit deceiving. It was more like I facilitated and made the ingredients available for them to dive in.

And dive in they did! It was FUN to see how quickly and eagerly everyone picked up glass, glass cutters, running pliers (I only had 1 and started in on their piece.

Each teen had an 8" x 8" clear glass piece to start. There were bowls filled with all colours of glass as options for creating. Immediately they began using the glass cutter and cutting glass! I was impressed with how fearless they were with the tools. It helps, I think, that the tools are manual, so there are no loud motors or sharp blades. There were, however, lots of sharp pieces of glass. No bandaids required.

As you can see by the pix, their creations were colourful,  interesting and highly original! I was truly impressed!

Thank you Gabriola Arts Council and The Gathering Place for making this happen.