Glass Flowers + Glass Trees!

We recently did a quick trip down to Victoria, to the West End Gallery.

For a timely delivery of seasonal spirit and love.


Fused Glass Christmas Trees


As you can see I created some tabletop fused glass trees.

The idea for small trees has been in my mind for awhile...I made one awhile I created 2 more. They look great solo and in a grouping.

By small I mean about 24" tall with a round steel base. Very sturdy and balanced. For a tabletop or windowsill.

I LOVE trees. They are special to me every day of the year.

It is fun to honour them, in the spirit of this season.

Trees are always, in ALL WAYS revered in my world.


Fused glass flowers and christmas trees, Spirit trees


The trees and poinsettias will be showing at the West End Gallery, Victoria and Edmonton.


Delivery day of fused glass poinsettias flowers and fused glass christmas trees


We also snapped a couple of pix of my Totems and other sculptures in the front window!! of the gallery when we were there.


Fused glass Totems and sculptures at the West End Gallery, Victoria B.C.


Thank YOU West End Gallery for creating such beautiful galleries to show (and sell!) my work.


Fused glass totems and sculptural pieces at west end gallery, victoria