Following the Thread (of a colourful idea)

I've been enJOYing myself recently with exploring the idea of colourwheels and pinwheels.

Playing with colour is always a good entry point for me creatively.

I've also been looking at some new art books that have indirectly inspired me.

I am actually savouring a few different books right now.

2 of the books are titled Freehand by Helen Birch and Creative Block by  Danielle Krysa. These books are both filled with tons of ideas and so much inspiration. I love them both so far, and am only part way into each of them.

Another one, not directly related to art, but definitely related to how you want to feel in life, is called The Desire Map by Danielle Laporte. Do you want to feel creative and inspired? This is a way to begin to life your life with every choice and decision leading you to how you want to feel.

So, back to pinwheels....I love making these and I love looking at them. And I want to feel creative and inspired. So, I am following this thread of an idea and loving the results. These pinwheels kinda remind me of  60's and 70's pop art, think Peter Max poster artist.

What do you think? I'd love to hear!


Fused glass pinwheel in steel garden stand


Fused glass and steel pinwheel, fused glass and wood framed window.


Fused glass garden art, steel stands.


Another fused glass pinwheel garden stand.


Fused glass pinwheel before firing in the kiln.


Painted colourwheel, pinwheel where it all began.