Feline Serendipity.....

Publicity shot!! close-up 

i have a great story for you!!! about a month ago we were fortunate to be asked to cat sit a wonderful cat named Cricket....we have not had an animal in our lives here for a few years so we were excited and a little nervous...especially because this little cat was someone else's dear sweet buddy.....well, on the very same day that the new cat was due to arrive in our home (for a year!!) i also had visitors to my art studio.....they saw my dog sculpture and asked if i ever made  cats?????? i said "not really, however, a cat would be coming to live with us on this very day and no doubt i would be inspired by this marvelous creature".....

pre fusing, with black frit all around

 and, so this sculpture came into being.....these pix show a few steps of the process, although there were many more.....this shows from raw, unfused glass to the finished glass cat!! the glass cat is about 3 1/2 feet tall, so she is a major art piece.....

in the kiln, before firing

after fusing

 it was a really fun  project, and i am soooo pleased to have been given the complete and total freedom to create a cat they way i wanted to create!!!

"Louis", the finished creation....38" tall

 the new owners of this sculpture, now named "Louis" are very pleased with their new feline addition.

Louis and Cricket

and here is a pic of our new boarder, Cricket, along with the amazing Louis!!! little Cricket helped to manifest this wonderful opportunity for me and my glass work......thanks Cricks! and Thalie!