Creating a Glass Heart (a commission)

I want to share a tiny bit about the process of creating a sculptural piece for a commission. I had a request from a client to create a piece that would honour the site of her loved one's buried ashes.  
My 1st thought as I spoke with the client was to create a large sculptural heart!! I hadn't made a steel/glass heart before and I knew the potential for something awesome was really high!
I am also recently working with a new metalworker, who also happens to be my life partner, the man I love....sooooo.....this was a beautiful 1st co-creation! very symbolic....
I am sharing various pix of the stages, from design, to metal work and then fused glass and adornment....
Enjoy......and feel free to ask any questions you may have!
full steel and glass heart, free standing in studio.

beginning to shape the steel heart
my new metalworker, Ode Howard

my design drawing and the beginnings of glass work

detail of glass work prior to fusing.
detail after fusing
Steel and fused glass heart, Studio shot with white background