Connecting with Spirit (in living colour)

studio time
I am currently doing some changes in my art world....some of it with the online world, including updating/changing my website yet website is working quite well, but it is hard to keep it current in the way it exists now.....sooooo.....that's happening...and generally an all round refining of my art "biz".

Another thing I recently did was to create a 2nd facebook studio page...!

This new page is going to focus on mixed media and my paintings...I want to share a little more of my inspirations and also to explore in this vein more deeply myself and share it online.

When I was sharing my mixed media art on facebook under
Tammy Hudgeon Studio 
I felt like it was being seen mainly by glass fans...which means I was possibly missing an audience that might more fully appreciate what I was creating with mixed media on panels.

It feels good to I have room to B R E A T H E now....

any thoughts on this?