Brave Girls in the Studio!

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to have 11 young "Brave Girls" come to my studio to learn about and create some fused glass art of their own!
The Brave Girls Camp is led by my good friends HoneyBee and Plume Bloom, otherwise known as Melissa Nobles and SharmaRay Goldman. 
It was sooooooo much FUN! I loved having the youthful feminine "girl" energy in my space! It felt very energizing, especially because the girls are so ably guided, assisted and honoured by the amazing brave women, Honeybee and Plume Bloom.

The week long Brave Girls Camp is such an amazing offering to honour and mentor the young feminine....I would love to have experienced something like this when I was young.

I am so grateful that I am able to offer this experience to my community! especially to young girls! YAY Brave Girls! please come again!
brave girls talented hands

the pieces in the kiln after fusing.

the group co-creation

A few close-ups! so cute!