A New Way of Being

To Do List

   I LOVE serendipity!

I'll explain that statement in a bit.

Did you know that I love my blog?  

I really do love to share with you what's up in my world.

Over the last few years, I have been exploring and understanding myself in deeper and more nuanced ways than ever before.

It feels very overdue.

I believe I've been heading in this new direction for some time, and it took a little extra awareness for me to realize that I was not fully embodying some of my new found wisdom. In other words I was "talking the talk" but not always "walking the walk". Hah!

The body knows. You can't fool your body people...believe me, I've spent a lot of time trying.

I have been requested, in a universal kind of way....ya know what I mean?...various things happening that send me a message that there are better choices for me to be making.

There is nothing like my body to encourage me to L I S T E N a little closer. And so I am.  More consciousness in what I do and why I do it. No longer working my a#$ off to prove my worthiness is an awesome start!

I created this little piece of art several years ago. It is a mixed media piece, on raw canvas. I used all sorts of media on this, oil pastels, acrylic paint, ink, pencil, bandaids! and sewn parts. (this one went to a customer, my cuz, in New Zealand)

It was fun to make, and it has words that imply actions I am still learning to do.

Now for the serendipitous part:  this wordpress blog is new to me. When I went to "add media" I noticed that there were many many images in the file already, from my oldest blogspot posts. And this is what I saw...so no need to add something new...when the message from something older is still current!

I do have mucho new work as well. You can see more of it on my facebook page and even more current and personal pix on instagram.

I also FULLY believe that our personal journeys to wholeness help to heal the collective in ways that we don't even understand.

p.s. I'm working the most on #5 right now. ACCEPT.

How about you? thoughts to share?