Wild Queendom Celebrations!


Your life is your QUEENDOM, to cultivate and cherish. Sovereignty is the sphere of love, personal power, appreciation and personhood, within which prosperity, freedom and relationships flourish. You create a sovereign life through your daily choices and actions.

Hiro Boga mentor and guide

During 3 weeks this summer I had my newest works on display in an exhibition right here on my home turf of beautiful Gabriola Island. My partner and beloved Ode Howard, of Ode’s Alchemy Shop and I created some of the larger pieces in collaboration. He builds and forms all the steel parts and he also assists greatly in brainstorming how to design the infrastructure that support the tall pieces.

Like the CAMELS! The camels, namely Camille and baby Clancy are what I call “Post Modern Folk Art” . They are made out of a mixture of materials including wood, metal, glass, paint, and collage. We spent most of the spring making them, along with many other pieces in the show.

More and more I’m living my life with no separation of life, work and play. While many of the pieces in this show were challenging to create, the process of creating was more fully merged with living my full life. This made the whole process very fulfilling for me. And I’m told I was much easier to be around and to live with as a result of my new ways. YAY!

EnJOY some pix of the show! And let me know if you’re shopping for a camel, because these camels are an excellent investment. xo