July 11! Wild QUEENdom Art Extravanganza

Please join us for a fun and wild opening night party, a gorgeous gallery filled with all NEW works created by me and my collaborator Ode Howard!

Show runs July 11 - August 5!

July 11 , 7-9 Opening night festivities! Hive Emporium, Gabriola Island.


Salish Sea Sails Installation

Over the winter last year and early this year my partner and skilled metal artist Ode and I designed and created an art installation piece for a private residence.

We worked closely with the clients and fairly quickly came up with an idea for the space. The clients love of sailing led them to send me a small diagram of sails that I took and worked with until we had a template to create with.

Then we did it! Here are the results!

Art Journal When Traveling! Messy and free.

I’ve just uploaded my first youtube video! Yes yes, I’m aware that pretty much everyone has done this already, but it’s a first for me and I am celebrating!


I want to be able to share videos on my blog,as a way to connect in a different format.

Hope you like it! let me know k?

Travel light, live light, spread the light, be the light.

Yogi Bhajan

Gallery Merrick

Wild Innocence, an ART show.

We had a fun time at the opening and party of my recent art show at Gallery Merrick. It was very rewarding to see my creations ALL TOGETHER in one place, with lots of space around.

I was showing with the fab painter Paul Jorgensen and opening night was a blast.

Gallery Merrick is a new gallery in downtown Nanaimo. It is owned and operated by the fabulously fantastic Joe Bembridge, a man who knows his biz and bring a lot of heart to his work.

Thank you to all who came to see and feel!

Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one once we grow up”

Pablo Picasso

Glorious Studio Tour 2018

So I’m getting caught up here in sharing some pix from Gabriola Studio Tour . The tour happened last month on the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. This is our annual art tour, featuring over 80 artists! This little island is FULL of all things creative, this tour shows off visual art.

Thank YOU all for coming out and supporting ART on our island and in particular everyone who came to see me and Ode’s Alchemy Shop over the weekend. We loved hosting, playing, connecting and sharing with you.

BIG gratitude xoxo

Wild Innocence, an Art Show.

Art show opening @ Gallery Merrick in fabulous downtown Nanaimo. Show opens Friday night, Nov. 23rd, 7-9.

I have sooooo many NEW, wild and innocent paintings to share with YOU all! Hope to see you. xo

Duende: (n) the mysterious power of art to deeply move a person.

Gabriola Studio Tour

Coming SOON! 3 days starting Oct. 6, 7, 8 . 10-5 all 3 days.

Henri Matisse. “Creativity takes courage”

Summer LOVE

My summer ART show was so much fun! Deeply connecting with new and established collectors, showing and sharing my newest art. I feel very grateful.

Thank you ALL!

Here are some pix for you to enJOY!

Smell the sea and feel the sky
— Van Morrison

"Child's Play" A summer ART show

Coming soon, my summer studio ART show right here on beautiful Gabriola Island. I have lots of new work in both glass and mixed media paintings

Some old favourite designs too.

I've been experimenting with different elements, things that interest me and coming up with some exciting to me new ideas.

Want to add some colour and wild life to your home and garden? You'll want to come for a visit over the weekend. It will be FUN!

Hope to see YOU!

"Good Vibes Happen on the Tides"

Saturday and Sunday Aug.4 + 5

Tammy Hudgeon Studio.png

Colours of India Part 2

As some of you know, I love colour.

I also like to spell the word colour in the Canadian way, rather than spell it without the extra "u" as in color.

This past winter we lived, loved and enjoyed our lives for 4 months in a small village in South India. It was an amazing, restful, dynamic, energizing, stimulating, wondrous way to spend a Canadian winter.

It was HOT there! I couldn't and didn't approach my life with same kind of productiveness or intensity as I do when I'm here on Gabriola Island and in my own studio. For me, venturing out meant always planning for how to accommodate the mid day heat wave. We often went to markets to meet and see local village life, all the colours, sounds and smells.

Indian women have a way of looking beautiful, calm, cool and collected even during the intense heat, sitting all day selling their wares. I often felt like a limp dishrag almost before beginning to shop in the market.

We went each week to gather fresh fruits, veggies and assorted household items. Markets can be very intense with the noise, heat and smells. I loved it, but def needed to go for a swim in the nearby sea soon after.

I'm grateful for my travel experiences.

India is a place where color is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in. – Kiran Millwood Hargrave

Making Art While Traveling

It's not always easy to see what might come from my playing and painting when I'm away from my studio for extended times like when we travel.

My mobile studio this winter in India was a sheet of plywood propped against the wall, and I sat on the floor in front and painted. I worked on paper, often so many layers of paint that the paper began to feel almost like canvas.  I generally worked fairly quickly since the acrylic paint would dry out very fast.

Some of these images have clues and ideas, bits and pieces that work and are already inspiring me. The inspiration is often indirect and not totally obvious, however this time around I think I can see now, after 2 months at home, what is sticking around for more exploration.

“I don’t know where I am going, but I’m on my way.” – Carl Sagan

You can see more up to date highlights from my  current studio explorations on my Instagram page.

What do you think? do you see connections?

Colours of India, Sacred (and fun!) Travels

I love to travel.

It feeds my heart and soul. Every astrology reading I've had has told that me that I am meant to spend time in countries and cultures different from my own, that this kind of travel is essential to the well being of my soul.

I agree 100%.

Actually I believe travel benefits everyone, to be exposed to so much that is different from one's own little world can be very liberating and I think creates deeper compassion, love and acceptance.

The last two years we've spent considerable time in South India. There is so much to love about this rich culture.  Amazing colours, aromas, rituals and also fantastic beaches and the beauty of the Arabian Sea. Ahhhhhhhh.......

Here are a few pix of my most recent travels. I love connecting with women and girls. The markets are the best place to have those kinds of interactions, even when you don't speak the same language you can share a smile and often a laugh too.

“Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” – Dalai Lama

#something super special

Coming Soon! #somethingsuperspecial art show Nov.25th, right here on beautiful Gabriola Island.

I will have some glass and a few small paintings in this show. Maybe a few #somethingspecialvelveteenpillows too! Also, Ode from Ode's Alchemy Shop will have his metal art showing amongst many other makers and shakers.

It's going to be an artful party, see YOU there!

# Something Super Special

Thank you! Studio Tour 2017

Wow! What an amazing event Gabriola Arts Council creates and organizes every year on Thanksgiving, for 21 years now!

Here are some pix from my studio during the recent Studio Tour. As you can see I am playing with several mediums and much overlapping between materials of glass, metal, wood and paint. Just my style, mixed media.

You can also see pix here of my partner Ode Howard and his new metal art. It was his first time showing his own work in the Studio Tour! yay O D E!

Some of this work is still available, and some will be heading out to the West End Gallery in Victoria and Edmonton. Also some glass will be going to Vancouver Studio Glass on Granville Island.

Gabriola Studio Tour 2017

Coming SOON! Hope to see YOU!

Oct.7-9th, 10-5 all 3 days.

p.s. Did you notice it's my art on the brochure cover?!

Gabriola Studio Tour

Old Schoolhouse Gallery

This is your personal invitation to a wonderful showing of art, including mine, at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery in beautiful Qualicum Beach, on Vancouver Island.

I have a wide variety of pieces, including glass sun catchers, steel and glass sculptures and many mixed media paintings. All with a wild spirit!

Show runs from Aug.9 to Sept. 2nd. Also showing in the other 2 galleries in the building are Grant Leier and Nixie Barton with their unique and amazing artwork!

Pop Up Pillows and More Show!

POP UP Show!

When: Saturday, December 3rd     10-3 Where: Tammy Hudgeon Studio 1790 Seymour Rd. Gabriola Island. Why: for FUN and frivolity of course!

At the Pop Up Show there will be all manner of glorious gifting items. Everything from glass stars, my new "Wild Spirit" velveteen pillows, "Wild Spirit" prayer flags, mini soul gems, glass art and paintings of all sizes.

Sharing the day with me will be wonderful SharmaRay Goldman, with her "SharmaRags" line of altered clothing featuring fleecy gauntlets, scarves and much more!

We'd LOVE to see YOU!

"Magical Spirit Tribe" Art Show

Magical Spirit Tribe Art Show, Hive Emporium, Gabriola Island.

Solo Show

July 7, 7-9 pm Opening night party Show runs July 7 - 24

New works in fused glass and mixed media paintings. Large sculptural steel, glass and wood. Paintings and glass art of all sizes and shapes. Animals galore!

I am super excited to share with you my newest creations! Opening night will be a fun party with music and laughter. Hope to see YOU there.