ok, so, you’d think i’d know by now that when you go into your creative world intent on creating some certain something that the muse is not necessarily there waiting for you…..but still i do this….big plans….ha ha….anyway, there is an amazing art show at Gabriola Artworks in Feb…..this annual show is called the “Erotica” show….and it is usually waaaay out there with great, uninhibited, even shocking!!! artworks in all mediums…..  i have NEVER put a piece of art in this show…..i’ve been asked, but just never felt that particular muse calling to me…..
at the same time i have been asked to be part of a show at The Van Dop Gallery ……this is a little different…..the show is called “Heart to Heart”…..as you can see, i am more inspired by the heart right now…..this does not mean that erotica is not relevant in my life, just that when i went to create art this week it was love and heart that wanted expression….i do think there is a chance that some erotica will emerge from my studio, it’s just taking it’s time…


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