a few more things i appreciate as i clean up my studio preparing for my spring show (see sidebar for details) this weekend June 2nd and 3rd!!
so, yah, a little more about my love of glass…..here are a few of the old glass bottles that i love…..for as long as i can remember i have been attracted to this colour of glass, and the wavy, blurry nature of the glass….the imperfections of the glass…… one bottle has spots on it where the barnacles grew….one was found on a beach in the bahamas….

 on the same high windowsill are a small selection of dishes that i made and have kept…these were all part of much larger series of works, and these are what i chose to keep for me……the 1st is a vietnamese woman, the second is a mayan woman, from gautemala and the last is an indian sadhu or holy man sitting in lotus position….

and finally the blue glass…..hmmmmm…..old blue glass….. the cat is from my childhood and i inherited it into my collection…..as a child i LOVED looking at the sleek, intense dark turquoise blue colour of this cat…….
what are your studio treasures?

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