wow, the birds and the bees are coming on strong….springtime is here and there is much activity outside and inside my studio…….i am having so much fun playing with the decorative aspect of both my glass and paintings….

12″ sq decorative  “bird and bees” platter

“bee and piano” 12″ sq. platter

 and the motifs are really working with each other in this series……the paintings were both done on paper first, playing around and then glued onto wood panels and the played with some more….i think they are done but ya never know…..

“2 birds” 18″ oval

 the glass is more of my homemade sheet glass….well, i’m not actually manufacturing glass now or anything….just creating designs on regular coloured sheets of glass for later use in different bowls and platters….

10″ sq. “polka dot flower pot” plate

enjoying the process right now…… it can change quickly, but right now it’s all groovy……

“bee true” paint on panel 12 x 16″

“polka dot birds” paint on panel


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