ok,ok, i’m nearing the  end of my skull mania….of course there will be more skulls, but you’ll have to come find me to see them!!! these ones are on sturdy steel stakes…perfect for getting deep into the ground to keep ’em steady in all weather…

 this is bit closer up…i like them, they make me feel happy, they are kinda like pals already, they feel like they have their own character…and great beautiful WHITE teeth…already 2 are leaving home to other gardens!!!

 a real close up of this dude, notice he’s got a fang on one side…

these last 2 pix are bowls and little tiny dishes….using the same simple frit technique….they feel very fresh, very spring like to me…and 2 smaller ones are on clear glass, even more light….it feels like it’s time to lighten up….as you will soon see when i launch my new website….but i always have BLACK in there somewhere, to ground me i guess….it always feels essential…..


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