This sign that says “All Kinds of Skulleton”..this was from bali….i loved the word skulleton.…and in front of the shop was a huge pile of carved wooden skulls!!! it was early and they were still covered with a tarp and i did not get a pic (still kicking myself over that one)…but they looked really cool….this was in an area where everyone is a wood carver….so i decided to make a skulleton bowl, cause i really like the hanging skulls, and garden stake skulls, i don’t find these skulls menacing at all, they are more in the spirit of the mexican celebration type skulls, so, ya know, a fiesta bowl!! …..i also liked the fresh spring look of the frit (crushed glass) on the white glass background so i carried on with other imagery as well….leaves, flowers, hearts have been appearing in my work for quite a while now….the bees and the blue  eggs just appeared last year…..and of course, along with eggs come chickens….which i will be sharing in my next post….many mixed media pieces with free range chicks.…and also, a super groovy glass chicken....she’s just in the oven right now, ready to come to life….i don’t actually cook any chickens in my kiln of course, or even in my oven….being a veg type gal and all…..! chickens are not new in my glass work either, they go back a few years for sure…..i still like ’em…they are funny, funky birds…


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