ok, so….I think I kinda realized something….I think my interest in painting still life flower arrangements isn’t just because I love the old jars, and pretty flowers…..
in my strong desire to find some STILLNESS in my own life I think I may have started painting scenes with more stillness….
although, I’m not sure that anyone would say this painting is still…..
anyway, just my thoughts in this moment….
certainly I am making a bigger practice of B R E A T H …..especially the exhale….when we exhale our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in….and our bodies relax on a very deep level….
something I very much need to learn how to do….and I am S L O W L Y learning…..
how about you? any relaxation tips you want to share?
deep breath….
“3 White Jars, 1 Striped Vase”   24″x36″ mixed media on panel


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