really, it is hard to believe how busy i have been…..and i have been actively attempting to unbusy my life…..cause i don’t believe in “the cult of busyness”……that our culture is built on these days…..but alas, i have been busy…..

lots of good busyness, and it is always a little hectic before a solo show….and this one is my 10th Annual Solo Show in the same venue…..Gabriola Artworks! it is going to be soooooo fun….there will be amazing live music and champagne to celebrate!  Gabriola Islanders are great supporters of the arts so hopefully there will be a good showing of peeps there too!  and i have a great group arriving from off island! thanks leslie and norman et al……YAY!!! only a few more days….

pictured above are flower bouquets…they are about 14″ tall and i’ve made them once before….. several years ago and sold out of them very quickly….these are a blast from the past….but the rest of the show is all brand new….i’ll be telling ya all about it in a few days…can’t say too much yet ….don’t want to spoil the surprise!!

maybe see you there!!!


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