i just love glass!!!! i am sharing a pic of “Ruby”….she is a beautiful prairie buffalo….bison to be totally correct…but i really like the word buffalo...in Indonesia there are many words like this…names like kalibukbuk….and words such as hati hati…this means “use caution”….but it is a fun way of saying it….hati hati when cutting glass, or you will be bleeding from super sharp glass cuts on your fingertips in no time!!!

 Here are a few new small dishes….there are fish, chicks and pineapples….the fish and pineapple have been long time motifs in my glass…in the top pic of tulips in my garden you will see a pineapple garden stake, from several years ago….this year the pineapples have made it into bowls and platters ….they are very bright and summery looking…i’ll have more images of these as they come through the fusing process in the next few days…. 

 and then these bottom 2 pix….well, i just love colour, and coloured glass, and also the way the light shines through and adds a whole other dimension to the art work….it bring me joy to see the colour just shining on through…hhhmmmmm…..yum…


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