I’ve been back in my glass studio lately…working on some new ideas…and really enjoying myself….i found an interesting object to use as a stencil design at the Gabriola Recycling Depot…..my friend Carole Reid , who is a wonderful artist, was here for a visit a while back and she wanted to go to the depot…it is a great place for mixed media artists… i picked up an old piece of junk, an old furnace grate and thought it would make a cool stencil to create my own home made patterned sheet glass….and so it did, as you can see in these pix….much more to come as i explore all my new patterned glass…..
Blue birds
3 Blue Birds

skeleton with decorative detail

irid glass with purple decorative piece and bees

do you see the pieces made from the furnace grate? yah, it’s cool hey?


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