I love the prairies….most especially the BIG sky……ahhhhhhhhhh……..there is an openness and freedom that I feel when I experience life underneath a sky like this…..
I have just returned home to my forested island in the sea (I am so grateful for this hOMe too)…..returning after a visit to my first hOMe…..the seemingly endless prairie….
even when touched so heavily by the human hand it still holds a feeling of wholeness for me, a dreamy feeling….and so much inspiration…..
I never really know how this inspiration will show up in my work….but I definitely know that it will show itself…the last picture in this group shows the early applications of paint on my 1st day back in my studio….it often starts this way….just getting some paint on the brush and smooshing it around….playing with colour…..and then, who knows? 
not me, not yet anyway….
the huge prairie sky



i love old fences and barbed wire

beloved buffalo



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