I’ve been playing around with paint, paper and colours in general….this first piece is a mixed media collage on watercolour paper…..I guess it started out roughly 24″ x 30″…….

mixed media on paper

and, since it is a fairly big piece….. and I wanted to play….. I decided to cut it up into smaller pieces that are easier to display and share…..

beginning to cut up the large mixed media piece

after cutting the paper into pleasing compositions to my eye, I began to look around for supports to glue them to……I used old plywood and cradled panels…..

finding supports for the new cut pieces

it’s been a FUN process and I am starting on another one while the kilns melt glass pieces…..back and forth between glass work and mixed media work is FUN too……I am Grateful…..

Frida Kahlo and a skull

It is possible that these pieces may still change…I may add some meaningful text or more marks….not sure yet…

finished mixed media with Frida Kahlo 10″x10″
preparing paper for support
small piece nailed onto plywood

thick watercolour paper with edging

Buddha….mixed media 6″x6″

collection of mixed media 


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