mixed media painting with wild horses

detail of mixed media painting with horses
mixed media assemblage with indian pink

i find myself still struggling (!!) with creating just the right space for painting…..i think it doesn’t need to be so difficult really…..so, i am not sure why i am finding it to be a constant state of rearranging…..sigh….. i am blessed with this wonderful space and the time in my life to make it all work….

i have enough space….the problem comes because i need to keep space for photographing and showing the finished glass pieces, away from the glasswork/kiln area…and the best space for this also happens to be the best space for painting….soooooo…..it is an ongoing dilemma….and i am happy to have lots of windows and doors,  however this leaves only one solid wall left to work with……hmmmm…..
gotta get creative with this little “problem”!! (and i use the word problem very very lightly!)
anyone wanna come over to the beautiful island and assist me in this? i am open to ideas!!

studio painting space

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