The title of this post might seem kinda weird to others….however to me it all sounds connected….and in my strong desire to create a life that does not have separation between my creative life, my creative biz life, my need for community and merryment and my need for solitude I have found myself looking in all kinds of directions, books, dharma talks, tarot, astrology….and yes, finally also looking within…
at times the search has felt frantic…..(searching for something that is already here, inside, just needing acceptance, by ME)
BUT…..I am now starting to believe, to actually start to embody a different path…something that feels more holistic, more connected…..and really it’s all about 
so simple, yet so challenging at times….from a rebellious people pleaser….yah, rebellion and desire to please do not actually create the greatest ease in life….such is my ongoing challenge….something of a parodox
fortunately my creative life path gives me many opportunities to practice…
so, in looking at this piece of art, I can understand the words don’t just apply to eggs…


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