I have posted a few older pix this time…not because i have nothing new….anyone who knows me knows that there is plenty of new art in my studio and heading out into the world!!! because i am what you might call a “prolific creator”….this is something i used to be kind of embarrassed about…yah, weird hey??….i think it’s because i used to equate quantity with less quality, or the slower and more meticulous the process the better the work….however….i now know differently, it can and does work both ways….and i have absolutely excellent examples of practicing artists who are every bit as prolific, if not more so, than i am…and they are producing great work! and for me, the more i make, the better it is…whether it is glass art, mixed media, my journal/messy art book….
mixed media on junk wood

 and, i have learned sooo much more about the creative process, and how different it is for everyone….but also, that there are many similar things about successful artists…..and also, how creativity goes in cycles, just like everything else in life….and sometimes you just need to be accepting of where you are in your own cycle….

mixed media on junk wood

 and now, i am learning to embrace my obsessive, endlessly curious and kinda even “driven” creative nature….it’s who i am, and that’s cool….hey, it works for me…..

mixed media on a piece of canvas fabric

 and i DO need to remind myself of these very things, in the above painting….as a daily practice…..


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