I am happily very involved in my studio with many many different projects…..spring is often very full, not busy, remember I am choosing not to use the word “busy”…..

it’s amazing how many times that 4 letter word could spring forth out of my mouth….I believe words are very powerful and I am consciously choosing to describe my active studio as something other then B U S Y……
I GET to go CREATE Today!!! that is an awesome way to envision my day…..
One of many things I am preparing for is a (big) show coming up in about a month….May 18th, at the West End Gallery in Victoria! so excited about this one….I will be showing glass sculptural work only, with 2 of my art mentors….Grant Leier and Nixie Barton…..
still creating my work for this one…..with lots already done! yay….
Stay tuned…..
Fused Glass Flower Bouquet

Various fused glass and mixed media art….Buffalo skulls, salmon, Frida


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