oh yah, and in the 1st image, beside the skull, are these beautiful boxes, they are made from old javenese fishing boats, and i fell in love with them in bali….and would have brought whole shelves and cupboards made from these boats if i could have….as it was, we were backpacking, and even these took up a bit of space…..and there is some weight to them also, being hardwood and all…..but i just LOVE the flaky paint and textured surface….the patina of life on the south china sea……and then some pix of my new glass…..it is sooooo nice to see the glass fresh out of the kiln….all glossy and really yummy looking…..
i LOVE LOVE LOVE  my studio and i am soooo grateful to have this space, just for creating,……and to share a bit with ya’ll now too…..  oh yah, i have no idea why the colour did not work around the flowers….BUT, i did get colour in the other areas….YAY!!!!  and i have no idea why some of  the text is underlined…….????? but i now see that it isn’t anymore and i don’t know why, ahhh well…… i have faith that i will learn these things….i think…


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