i have a new cupboard and i LOVE it!!!!     i 1st saw this groovy vintage cupboard @ my girlfriend’s farm on the prairies…..it was living in a old old timey farmhouse on her land….and i loved it then….last year she sold that place and her and her guy decided to keep that cupboard for me! it had been living in that unused, untended building for decades and decades…..

anyway, one thing led to another (my mom and dad loaded and delivered it to me!)  and it is now in my studio!! there is so much room in it and i love the look….in this way i am a true prairie girl…. i now had somewhere to put my vintage tins which i have been unable to give up!! and i put up my altar, but that will likely change cause i can imagine things will get piled up on that surface…..

just after setting up the new cupboard 2 of my girlfriends arrived to play with paint….had a little wine, a little tea….chocolate and sweet sweet girlfriends……lovely…..even more g r a t i t u d e

loving polka dots and song birds this year….


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