i love playing with paint…..generally making a mess and smearing paint around…..and i am really loving yellow and pink….and just kinda messy, smudged looking paint and letters….it pleases me immensely…..

some of the artists that i love, who all know how to play, and all happen to be women, and i am happy to say that they are all friends of mine!!!…..check them out……you will likely see some similarities between us all and do also notice all the ways that we differ…..we all have our own voice shining through….all from a female perspective….

Sheila Norgate

Nixie Barton

Caroline James

Carole Reid

as well…..coming up in September, opening on the 21st, i will be having my 1st ever solo show of paintings only….NO GLASS ALLOWED!!! ha ha…..it will be at Norgate Gallery on Gabriola Island……sheila and i will also be doing a talk on September 22nd as part of the show…lots more to come on that

first up though is a glass and mixed media show at Gabriola Artworks on Aug.9th….my 10th Annual Solo Show!!! woohoo!!! think bears and all manner of wildness…..


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