it’s all about B A L A  N C E really……
little glass ladders
 i have used the ladder image in some of my mixed media paintings over the last few years…most notably i had a buffalo balancing on top of a ladder… of my good friends has an amazing painting with a ladder reaching into the clouds….and i think that has imprinted into my consciousness (thank you David!)……Carole Reid, a painting friend, uses ladders in her paintings….and then most recently Lauren Everett Finn….another inspired painter that is a new friend on face book…..she suggested glass ladders…..

more glass ladders
well, i like them a lot….just leaning around on my new/old cupboard…..i think they would look good propped in a window too…..

12″ x 12″ mixed media Balanced Crows

and then i had an idea of using them in my mixed media paintings….so here are 2 of the smallest ladders….

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