yes, this may seem a bit different than you would expect from my muse….however she is very curious and she moves in all directions….although she seems always to be drawn to colour….these little wall gems just came about last year and have continued….during one of my free expression workshops with caroline james i discovered that i had some girl things i wanted and needed to connect with….

7″ x 7 ” glass on wood panel

i made a lot of mixed media pieces about this (and i may share them with you someday!)….and used LOTS  of pink paint….i loved using pink… is not really available in glass….or if available it is muted in tone and super duper expensive……so, alas i do not use….however when i started playing around with these little gems i did manage to mix up some red glass paint that burned out and left a kind of pinky colour….and then i used my usual saturated colour for the other pieces here….and black of course…to ground things…

7″ x 7″ glass on wood panel

these art pieces have gone through up to 3 firings in the kiln to create them….and then they are mounted on a painted wood panel with a hanger on the back…..and they look good standing up like this too….on a table top or shelf…..

7″ x 7″ glass on wood panel

the one with the red dress and the L on it is a commission for a new baby girl named Luciana…i think it is a swell baby gift….quite sophisticated actually!!!


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