i am super excited to be preparing for my next show…coming up on Sept.21st and 22nd @ Sheila Norgate’s Gallery space…..

old family memorabilia

some of my inspiration for this show has come from old family images of life on the prairies….and some has come from before settlers arrived….it is not lost on me that the Buffalo that i love so much were pretty much exterminated by the arrival of the colonists…..even though my family history in Canada does not go that far back….still…..we settled and farmed what was once wild land…..there are a lot of stories there for sure….some factual and some felt in the spirit….

mixed media buffalo painting
i do have to get quiet to hear what wants to be said with paint though….some of it definitely involves the spirit of all things wild and brave……i will also be giving a talk about the process of paint and what it means to me……


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