i have a huge desire to get quiet…..i am getting close to the time of year that supports quietude…..not just yet though…there is still the busy holiday season with all its’ parties and social gatherings….which i love….however,  i can also be quite reclusive….and i am yearning for that…..when we visited an ashram in india several years ago it was totally accepted and encouraged for people to wear a little sign that said “in silence”….i LOVE this idea…..i think my fellow islanders would respect this if i saw them while grocery shopping and had on my sign…..

after the solstice and the celebratory new year i will enter my studio just to play!!! and get quiet…. even though much of my studio time is play, there is also the business of art and galleries…..and the slower months for these is in january and february…i can try out new ideas in glass and paint…..yay!! big gratitude for my freedom to play and my creative space…..
p.s. for all those who know me well…yes, of course i can be chatty…..buuuuuut, i can also be quiet….fooled ya hey??

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