Home has many meanings for people…..for me, i am a serious homebody….and i am also a non-traditionalist….so at Christmas time i have mixed feelings….part of me loves the whole family thing…..although i live far from my family and it is not the time of year that i like to fly for just a short trip….as you know, airports are crazy at christmas….often i have been fortunate to be overseas at this time year….i’ve been on a bus in thailand, flying to vietnam, and also over on the glorious west coast of vancouver island and winter camping on a small island…..this year i am staying in my own humble, super cosy little home with my guy and our new houseguest cat….

i am just intending to seriously chill…play in my mixed media journal….do a little baking in something besides a glass kiln…..it has been a crazy busy year and i need to retreat a little….and i am very happy to do so……best wishes to you all…. enjoy your holiday time…busy or quiet….


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