Happy spring equinox!

I have been having some good days in my studio and in my life. I seem to have developed a new pattern of creating. I have BFD’s…do you know what I mean by that? Big f#*%ing days! (it’s a tree planter’s language!).

Days with soooo much productivity and fervour! 

S L O W days always follow.

Such is the rhythm of my life right now. It feels fine, and it is different for me because I am typically someone who always has BFD’s!!  Really learning a change of pace.

It feels timely.

I have been getting some painting time in my studio, as well as working on a couple of BIG glass projects. I will be sharing more pix and process about those projects once the clients see them. They have been challenging and fun! With a serious and playful dose of sacredness. A good combination for me.

I am, more and more inhabiting these words. We all can. If we choose.

When I say be creative, I don’t mean you should all go and
become great painters and great poets. I simply mean let
your life be a painting, let your life be a poem.



Detail of "All Sacred" mixed media painting.

Detail of “All Sacred” mixed media painting.


Detail of "All Sacred" mixed media painting

Detail of “All Sacred” mixed media painting


"Spirit Journey" the painting in process

“Spirit Journey” the painting in process


I’ve been listening to Danielle Laporte’s  “The Firestarter Sessions” .

And LOVING it!



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