Happy April….

I have been happily, faithfully following my muse…. I am fully devoted to her and her many and diverse offerings……these bits of Frida Kahlo are just some of the inspirations she has sent me…..there are so many more creative offerings coming out of my studio this spring….

 My good friend Leslie just made me a beautiful book bag with Frida Kahlo imagery all over the fabric…..plus plus plus a new book all about Frida and Diego…..I will post pix of that soon too….
and just wait…..more Spring Chickens are flying out of here too….in glass and on canvas…..stay tuned….
p.s. the groovy circles can be found at The Barton & Leier Gallery in Nanaimo…..

Frida Kahlo in groovy circles….

close-up detail of Frida Kahlo in a glass window

Frida and the Groovy Circles assembled and ready to deliver


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