As some of you may know by now…..i am playing with paint and mixed media as well as my glasswork….it seems to always require some balance, as does most of life actually…..because i love both mediums, and also because i am best known for glass….so, i want to take people gently by the hand and ask them to follow me down a new and unknown path…..
mixed media on plywood  2009
and i have been most fortunate in that i have had a lot of support from my glass loving crowd…..thank you so much….i have some issues with allowing myself the time to play with paint…and i really need and want to play…i know that this is when really cool, heartfelt, sometimes raw, connected, brave art happens…..this winter i intend to create lots of time to play with paint and mixed media….and i also intend to share it with you…..wanna come along for the ride?? 

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